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Kevin Costner Hair Transplant

As one of the hardest-working men in Hollywood, Kevin Costner has made dozens of films and earned more than enough to support his large family. He came onto the scene in the 1980s and still appears in hit shows and production credits.

But while Costner has enjoyed life on the A-list for decades, his hair has struggled to keep pace. He has shown signs of significant balding at certain points but has successfully restored his hairline at least twice. 

This has raised rumors of hair transplantation and other treatments, which we’ll explore here in this article.

Kevin Costner Hair Progression

Costner has worked as an actor, producer, and director, seemingly without a break in the action! Let’s walk through his acclaimed career and see how his hair has evolved through the years.

Career Beginnings

When Costner first appeared in films in the 1980s, he was in his mid-20s and sported a full head of hair. His hairline wasn’t particularly low on his forehead and might not have qualified as “youthful,” but it certainly held strong and contributed to his rugged persona.

In films like Shadows Run Black and The Untouchables, Costner had reached his 30s and started to show slight signs of a receding hairline, though he didn’t appear to tamper with the winning formula as he gained traction in the industry.

In Bull Durham, Costner’s hair looks strong, though some minor signs of thinning begin to appear on either side of the head. Still, this could be categorized as a mature hairline, and he maintained his style well to cover up any density issues at the time.

Hollywood Blockbusters

Costner took his career to the next level by directing, producing, and starring in Dances with Wolves. He sported a more mature and distinguished look at this point, entering his mid-30s and emerging as a serious actor and artist in Hollywood. 

The film was a smash hit, but his hairline started to look worse for wear. In certain scenes in the film, we see Costner’s hair flowing in the wind to reveal considerable thinning on the hairline and patchiness in a symmetrical M-shaped pattern. 

These signs are typical of Norwood 2-stage pattern balding, which was common among men of Costner’s age at the time. Clearly, this development didn’t negatively impact his career, as Costner transitioned smoothly into roles as Robin Hood and Wyatt Earp in the following years. 

In fact, Costner’s more mature look in the early 90s may have helped solidify his reputation and on-screen presence as a leading man. 

Switching Gears

Costner’s career hit a rough patch with the release of Waterworld and The Postman, two similar big-budget movies that struggled at the box office. Meanwhile, Costner’s hair had taken a step back as well, as he started to show signs of advanced balding on screen and off.

At this point, Costner was encountering some obstacles and needed a refresh. Looking at photos from this era of his career, Costner likely underwent his first hair transplant in the late 90s after his missed attempts at blockbuster productions. 

His career might have been rocky, but his hairline was barely hanging on. He took a brief hiatus from filming around this time, which he may have used to patch up his hairline before his next big screen appearance.

Costner probably had a minor FUT procedure or opted for an early form of FUE, which had recently been introduced in the hair restoration field. Costner’s hair didn’t transform significantly, but we see a more even and consistent hairline that certainly improved on his mid-90s look.

Continued Hairline Struggles

We see Costner’s hairline return to form in Dragonfly and Open Range in the early 2000s, though his renewed hairline did not seem to hold on for long. 

By 2005, Costner was once again struggling to maintain a solid hairline, and signs of balding returned in films like The Upside of Anger and The Guardian. He sported a shorter look and lightened his locks, which might have helped mask some of the hair loss at the time, but the changes were noticeable in just a few short years.

For the next several years, Costner went through a series of hairstyles that revealed patchiness and thinning hair on the frontal third of his scalp. In his appearance in The Company Men, Costner was nearing Norwood 5-levels of balding, with significant thinning of the hairline and vertex.

Many of Costner’s roles around this time suited the more weathered look, but he was clearly about to cross the point of no return for his hair.

Overwhelming Improvements

Costner took a break from the big screen around 2010 as he turned 55. We suspect he went for a second, more substantial hair transplant at this time because he returned to the big screen with a near-full head of hair for Man of Steel in 2013. 

This hair transplant was larger in scope than his first, covering more surface area on the scalp and adding to density on the temples. Images from this era of Costner’s career show him sporting more adventurous styles as he got a confidence boost from his restored hair. 
From this point on, Costner has done a fine job keeping his hair looking great, even if some of the hair had been lost from his bigger hair transplant in the early 2010s. It’s possible that Costner had some smaller FUE procedures in recent years to smooth out his hairline and maintain his image in hit films like The Highwaymen and shows like Yellowstone.

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What Procedures Did Kevin Costner Have?

There is plenty of evidence that Costner had at least one hair transplant in his life, but which procedures did he use to restore his hair?

His first transplant in the 90s appeared to be smaller in scope, comprising maybe 1500 grafts or fewer. This may have been an early iteration of FUE or a small FUT treatment. 

However, his major transplant around 2010 was almost certainly a FUT surgery involving at least 2500 grafts. This likely took a significant portion of his donor hair, which he has done well to maintain in his recent resurgence. 

Other Treatment Options

If Costner did have a supplementary procedure more recently, he probably used donor hair more sparingly with targeted FUE treatments. 

Costner also likely uses medications and alternative hair loss treatments, such as PRP or collagen induction therapy like microchanneling. With plenty of resources and an active lifestyle, Costner defied the odds and was able to hold onto great-looking hair into middle age and beyond.

Costner is a great example of someone who has handled hair loss well and used modern treatments to his advantage!

Don’t Hold Back from Reaching Your Hair Goals

With so many ups and downs in his career and hair saga, Kevin Costner is definitely a worthy role model for hair restoration and resilience. He never gave up on his craft or his hairline and used the latest tech and medicine to stay a step ahead of his genetics. 

For a man in his late 60s, Kevin Costner still holds on to a good amount of his natural hair, even if much of it has been transplanted. If you’re ready to take the first step toward hair restoration, our team at Jae Pak MD Medical is here to make it happen. 


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