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Hair Transplant Results | Before & After Pictures

When looking for a surgeon to perform your hair restoration or cosmetic procedure, written reviews and testimonials only go so far.

You can read endless lists of accomplishments and credentials from surgeons in your city or around the world, and even look into proprietary research and developments they’ve made in the field of hair restoration.

But when it comes to scheduling consultations and putting money down for your procedure, you’ll want to see the results for yourself – before and after pictures are so important!

In this article, we’re going through the greatest hits of the before and after gallery from Jae Pak MD Medical, one of the world’s leading hair restoration specialists.

Dr. Pak combines high-level technical expertise with an engineering and artistic background. He is responsible for numerous innovations and inventions in the field of hair transplants, hairline lowering, scalp micropigmentation, and more.

Stay tuned to see Pak’s fantastic work and learn more about each procedure as we go. Be sure to click the links and follow along so you don’t miss the featured results. Let’s begin.

Hair Transplants (FUE & FUT)

Traditional hair transplants for male pattern balding are the main specialty for Dr. Pak, and he has done some of his finest work in this category.

Check out what Dr. Pak has accomplished through Follicular Unit Transplant – the more popular and established method – and Follicular Unit Excision, a less invasive procedure which Dr. Pak helped pioneer.

About the Procedures

FUT is also known as “strip-harvest” surgery since a large amount of donor’s hair is harvested from the back of the neck in a thin, horizontal line.

This is the most widely practiced procedure in the hair restoration field, giving surgeons and technicians a high number of quality follicle units to work with and transplant to recipient areas along the scalp. 

Alternatively, FUE extracts units individually for reduced scarring. As you can see from the hair transplant results gallery, Dr. Pak makes the most of every hair harvested via strip surgery and FUE methods.

Artistic Abilities

Dr. Pak’s hair transplant clients are typically male and experiencing conventional pattern balding along the hairline, on the vertex, and on the temples. He also works on females 3-4 times each week as well though performing hairline lowering and eyebrow transplants.

With his meticulous technique, Dr. Pak and his team are able to maximize the growth and health of each transplanted hair.

This requires careful extraction and care of each follicle unit, especially with FUE procedures in which yields tend to be lower and more fragile than FUT. Dr. Pak is able to limit transaction rates (damage to the follicles) and ensure that no grafts go to waste.

There is also an artistic element to these procedures which is a specialty of Dr. Pak. He analyzes the patterns, density, and flow of each patient’s hair to ensure that every graft is perfectly placed and positioned to grow in the right direction.

That’s how Dr. Pak’s work never looks unnatural or like “hair plugs” –  just real hair that grows as it should in the right place, at the correct angle.

Results for Everyone

Long hair, short hair, different densities, shapes, and colors — there is a wide spectrum of diversity in this before & after gallery, and nearly every variable is accounted for.

You’ll also notice that Dr. Pak’s patients are of all ages, ethnicities, hair types, and conditions. Some cases show minor “touch-ups” along the forehead and temples, while others are complete overhauls of the hairline with full, flowing hair that looks as good as new.

Not only does their hair look great in every “after” photo, their smiling faces tell you all you need to know!

Hairline Lowering

An increasingly common cosmetic procedure for women is known as hairline lowering, which involves similar mechanics to the transplants described above.

Hairline lowering is for women who want to reduce the size of their forehead by bringing the hairline forward, anywhere from a few centimeters to a full inch or two. 

This creates a fuller, more aesthetic look and allows women to explore new hairstyles they’ve always wanted.

The central procedure here involves harvesting healthy hair from a donor area, processing it for implantation, then grafting the hair to designated positions to form a new, lower hairline that looks completely natural and aesthetic.

Showing the Process

The unique feature of this hairline lowering before & after gallery is that several of the images show an intermediary step not usually highlighted – the moments following the procedure.

These pictures allow you to see how Dr. Pak and his team pinpoint areas along the forehead that require more coverage, and the precision with which they make their incisions and grafts to create a full and natural appearance.

It’s not often that you get to see this intermediary step in the process of a hair transplant or any other type of cosmetic surgery. This is a true testament to the skill and confidence of Dr. Pak’s team to showcase their work immediately following a procedure.

Aesthetic Results

Most impressive are the “after” pictures in this hairline lowering gallery, which showcase a wide range of hair types, forehead shapes, hairline patterns, and unique aesthetics.

While many surgeons struggle to achieve a natural flow to the hairline, Dr. Pak uses his fine-tuned artistic abilities to create exactly what a woman’s hair would look like, if lowered slightly on the forehead.

It’s not just the same hairline dropped a few centimeters, but something totally new yet natural.

Eyebrow Transplant

The eyebrow transplant procedure is more popular than ever, and Dr. Pak is once again making waves as one of the most accomplished practitioners in this emerging field.

Eyebrow transplants take the “microblading” trend to the next level by using the same techniques and mechanisms found in traditional hair transplants like FUE.

Clients are raving about Dr. Pak’s artistic and technical approach to eyebrow transplant, earning him plenty of positive testimonials and before & after photos to show off in this gallery.

With an eyebrow transplant, the goal is to fill in and “shape” the brow in a more permanent way. 

Women sometimes find that over-plucking or shaping eyebrows can reduce the natural growth of these hairs, and a transplant restores them to their natural beauty and beyond.

While microblading and makeup can offer short-term solutions, eyebrow transplants are far more permanent and allow women to shape their brows with real, natural hair as they typically would.

This gallery shows that Dr. Pak places grafts in the perfect position to make these brows look full, shapely, and never with an unnatural appearance.

Beard Transplant

Growing a full and well-shaped beard can be a point of concern for many men and people transitioning, which is why Dr. Pak offers beard transplant surgery to fill in those patches once and for all.

Using similar methods and instruments from his other procedures, Dr. Pak and his staff extract healthy follicles from the donor area and graft them to designated regions of the face and neck to achieve full coverage and natural shape of the facial hair.

Like all of his services, Dr. Pak takes the time to account for factors like hair color, shape, growth patterns, density, grain, and other elements that create authentic and naturally growing hair on the face.

This beard transplant before & after gallery shows that Dr. Pak works with beards of all kinds, with varying colors, skin tones, ages, facial hair patterns, and more.

He has filled in patchy areas on cheeks and chins, connected goatees and soul patches, created fuller mustaches, and added density where necessary to build a more masculine and complete look. 

Dr. Pak works closely with male or transitioning clients to achieve optimal results.

Scalp Micropigmentation

If you enjoy the shaved-head look and don’t want to go through the process of a complete hair transplant, consider scalp micro pigmentation (SMP), a micro-tattoo on the head that looks like close-cut hair on the scalp.

When performed by an accomplished surgeon with an artistic eye, SMP can look strikingly real and almost indistinguishable from a close buzz cut. The process is relatively pain-free and more cost-effective than traditional transplants.

Dr. Pak shows many unique cases in this gallery, such as full-head coverage on top of the scalp, filling in patches on the vertex, and covering up scars on the back of the head with well-placed dots from the SMP implement.

SMP is much more than just a tattoo – it’s a procedure that requires an expert hand and understanding of aesthetics. This is what Dr. Pak brings to the table.

Which Procedure is Right for You?

Like what you see in these before & after pictures? Each gallery shows a different dimension of Dr. Pak’s abilities and his varied skill set.

If you’re interested in discussing a certain procedure with Dr. Pak or just want a general consultation about your hair restoration game plan, reach out and schedule a meeting today.


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