8 Celebrities with Hairline Lowering Surgery

8 Celebrities with Hairline Lowering Surgery

From athletes and actors to musicians and influencer icons, celebrities are always in the spotlight, and they want to look their best no matter when or where the cameras flash.

That’s why we look to celebs to get fitness and fashion tips, learn about their skincare routines, and even follow diets to the letter.

Therefore, when a celebrity undergoes a cosmetic procedure to improve their appearance, we should also take notice. While most celebrities stay quiet about the full truth regarding hairline lowering, we can put together the pieces and learn lessons that inform our actions moving forward.

In this article, we’re looking at what hairline surgery entails, make sense of some key terms, and then get into a top 8 list of celebs who have improved their hairlines over the years through hairline lowering methods.

Hairline Lowering Surgery Basics

We hear a lot about hair restoration methods, but hairline lowering is not often highlighted as a go-to procedure. Let’s figure out what we really mean by hairline lowering and why it’s important to use the right terms when mapping out your rejuvenation journey.

Transplant, Hairline Lowering, or Forehead Reduction?

From a broad perspective, hairline lowering can have several interpretations. Depending on who you ask, where you live, and what your goals are, hairline lowering can fall into a range of categories with different methods, technologies, and outcomes.

For simplicity’s sake, this article will talk about hairline lowering as it’s used to refer to hair transplants for female patients.

Male clients can absolutely have their hairlines lowered by these reliable techniques (FUE and FUT included), but the terms are different based on gender and for marketing purposes.

The only other case in which hairline lowering may be used is in referring to forehead reduction surgery, which reduces the size of the forehead by removing a strip of skin near the hairline and closing the gap with sutures.

Other Factors at Play

We’ll be speculating on celebrity hair surgeries in this article, so it’s important to remember that many factors come into play here.

Celebs have virtually unlimited bankrolls, personal chefs and trainers, and the best pharmaceutical and therapeutic support available.

Knowing that, keep reasonable expectations in mind when browsing through this list, and be sure to meet with a hair restoration professional before jumping into surgery or cosmetic procedure of any kind.

Three Male Celebs With Hairline Lowering

Hairline lowering for men is more attainable than ever, thanks to major leaps in technology, technique, and a new generation of talented surgeons around the world.

Of course, male celebs have access to the finest hairline lowering services available, which explains the almost magical effect of reappearing hair in a short timeframe. It’s also worth noting that men seem less vocal about their procedures than women.

Elon Musk

Between founding billion-dollar companies and launching rockets into the atmosphere, Elon Musk finds room in his schedule to restore his hairline through several possible methods.

Looking at Elon’s photos from the early 2000s, it’s clear that his hairline is in shambles. Not only was his hairline receding significantly on the front of his scalp and temples, but the remaining hair on top looked like it was clinging for dear life.

But before the decade was over, Elon had turned his hairline around, likely through FUT strip surgery procedure, and followed up by smaller FUE operations for ongoing maintenance.

LeBron James

LeBron has played at an elite level worldwide, with championships galore. But his hairline has taken some hits over his extensive career.

The saga of LeBron’s hairline has seen twists and turns over the years, and we don’t have a definitive answer on how he has restored it to full force.

It’s clear that King James had some help in bringing his hairline back, although the lack of horizontal scarring on his head shows that FUE was the most likely technique.

Joe Biden

President Joe Biden

President Joe Biden has maintained a strong head of hair in his later years, but mid-way through his time in the Senate, he saw some major thinning and receding up top.

It looks like Biden underwent his first hair transplant surgery in the 80s or 90s before FUE was available to the public. However, the strip surgery technique proved effective because his hair has looked strong ever since.

Being the president, he has the best medical care in the world and will likely keep his great hair for the long haul.

Five Female Celebs with Hairline Lowering

Women experience receding hairline far less often than men, but they still seek out hairline lowering procedures to achieve a more proportional and aesthetic facial structure.

Let’s look at five female celebrities who have been open about their hair loss struggles and have tried various methods to get results.

Tyra Banks

The supermodel has shared her experience with alopecia areata in the past, a condition induced by stress or immune dysfunction that causes rapid, unpredictable hair loss.

Thankfully, Banks has cleared up that condition and restored her hair to full form through therapies and natural means. It’s also likely that she had some extra help from minor FUE procedures to re-establish her hairline to an ideal position with perfect symmetry.

Oprah Winfrey

The talk show icon has been center stage for several decades, and audiences have seen her hair in all forms. Oprah explained that her biggest hairline struggle came from traction alopecia, the result of wearing constricting hairstyles, plus the use of excessive products over the years.

Oprah has done a great job of bringing her hair back to peak form at this point, and it appears that some form of hairline lowering surgery helped out along the way.

Keira Knightley

The English actress spent years styling and dying her hair to portray characters of all kinds on screen and stage. Between her high-octane career and her pregnancy in 2015, Ms. Knightley found her hairline receding, and she found a way to fix it.

At first, Keira used wigs to cover up her hair, but it appears that she has her full, natural hair back in working order. Her hairline looks great without being too low, making her an ideal candidate for a minor forehead reduction procedure or FUE.

Kristin Davis

Her character was known for being meticulous on Sex and the City, so it makes sense that Kristin Davis aims to keep up appearance in real life, as well.

Unfortunately, Davis had problems maintaining her youthful hairline later in her career, which inspired her to take steps towards rejuvenation. Looking at her symmetrical and well-proportioned hair in the present-day, everything points to a hairline lowering procedure of some kind.

Rosie O’Donnell

Rosie has always been applauded for her sense of humor and attitude, so it’s no surprise that she was a bit more open about her experience with hair loss.

She had a solid hairline throughout her career, but now that she’s going on 60, she is looking for ways to patch things up and boost general coverage and density on her scalp.

But on the hairline front, everything is looking good for Rosie, who may have had some FUE treatments in recent years for good measure.

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