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Hair Grafting Surgery

Of the two methods of Hairline Lowering, hair grafting surgery is the procedure to add fullness to the recipient areas of the hairline, without a frontal scalp scar.

Hair Grafting Surgery

Hair Grafting Surgery

FUE and FUT Hair Transplants

There are two main types of surgery for a Hairline Lowering procedure. The first is a Hair Grafting Surgery, otherwise known as hair transplant surgery. Dr. Pak has performed hair transplant procedures for over 15 years.

Hair transplant surgery is a great option to lower your hairline if you are particular about the exact shape of your hairline and want to achieve an oval hairline.

Hair Grafting surgery removes hairs from the donor area (generally the back of the scalp) and transplants them to the recipient area (hairline). The two types of procedures performed in a Hair Transplant are Follicular Unit Excision and Follicular Unit Transplant Strip Surgery. Learn more about the differences here.

In other words, hair transplant surgery can shape your hairline exactly as you envision it — one hair at a time without a scar on your hairline. A hair transplant surgery can give you a natural and soft hairline while rounding your temple corners. It can also address the scar from a previous forehead reduction surgery.

Actual Jae Pak MD Patient after receiving Hairline Lowering Surgery

One limitation of a hair transplant surgery is that the results are not immediate, and the fullness (density of hair) is less than a forehead reduction surgery.

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