What Is Causing JoJo Siwa’s Hairline To Recede?

What Is Causing JoJo Siwa’s Hairline To Recede?

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Jojo Siwa does it all. She’s a dancer, entertainer, and philanthropist who has been in the spotlight for years, and she’s not even 20 years old yet.

Tens of millions of fans love Jojo and all she does, from TikTok and YouTube to mainstream TV and live performances.

But with so much fanfare, some criticism is to be expected. In this case, most of the heat seems to be directed at Jojo Siwa’s hairline, which has changed shape – and location on her forehead – since the young star first appeared on the scene years ago.

This leads us to ask a few questions about Jojo’s hair and hopefully get answers to help everyday folks make smarter decisions about their hair. What do we believe to be the cause of her receding hairline? What can she do to address the pattern of receding hair that has occurred? Most importantly, what lessons can we learn from her story?

Let’s get into all these questions and more, starting now.

Tracking Jojo Siwa’s Hairline 

Like her career, Jojo’s hairline had a long and interesting saga from when she first appeared on the dance show that put her at center stage.


The images we see from Jojo’s childhood show a full, youthful hairline typical of both boys and girls under ten years old.

Her blonde hair and fair skin make it difficult to determine precisely where her hairline lies, but we can tell that her childhood hairline is low on her forehead, with a high degree of density and coverage on the sides.

One important note here: Jojo’s childhood hairline does reveal an interesting aspect of her appearance that will become more notable later – a slightly uneven or asymmetrical hairline.

Although it’s rare to see a perfectly even hairline with the same proportions on either side of the face, Jojo’s hairline has a distinct “dip” on the right half of her hairline.

While this becomes more prominent as Jojo ages, it does tell us that she has a genetic predisposition for a particular shape of hairline regardless of the measures she may choose to take in the future.

First Appearance 

Jojo made her big debut as a contestant on Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition in 2013, when she was only ten years old. At this time, we can see that her hairline has already made some movement back from her childhood photos taken just a few years before.

While it may not be accurate to say that her hair is fully receding, Jojo’s hairline shows some signs of thinning around the 2014 to 2015 timeframe.

Most noticeable is the trend of asymmetry that we mentioned before. We see Jojo’s signature off-center widow’s peak come to form, which is made more apparent by a higher segment of the hairline to one side than the other.

This was also when Jojo started to wear her famous “pulled back” side ponytail style with a bow to keep it together. As we’ll soon find out, this may be a significant culprit in the cause of her hair loss over time, although there are likely some other factors at play.

Rise to Stardom 

Around 2017, Jojo started taking on leading roles in TV series, and web shows that only put more eyes on her across the globe. She also started releasing music, going on tour, being more active on social media, and doing everything she does to shine.

But stardom seems to have taken its toll on Jojo’s hairline during this recent phase of her career, as the trend of receding hairline has progressed rather significantly in just a couple of years.

We can see in 2018 that Jojo’s hairline looks relatively high – even further up the forehead than an adult male’s “mature hairline” – but that the asymmetry is also undeniable.

Years prior, we could say that Jojo’s hair was only adapting to her natural development into being an adult with more mature facial features. However, photos from this time show that her hairline is receding by all definitions, including those in the Norwood and Ludwig classification scales used by hair loss experts worldwide.

Photos have been released with Jojo wearing her hair “down” in a classic side-swept look with brown hair. Further evidence shows that Jojo’s hairline may have stabilized at this time, which is excellent news. Of course, she is still young and has many ways to improve her situation, as we’ll later discuss.

What Is Causing Jojo’s Hairline To Recede?

There’s no denying that Jojo Siwa has experienced some serious receding hairline issues in her career, but what may have caused this in the first place? Here are our theories.


Some may be shocked to see this as the first reason on the list, but most hairlines are simply due to genetics.

Yes, additional factors play into Jojo’s receding hairline, but her natural hair quality, the shape of the hairline, genetics, interactions with the environment, and how she treats her hair plays a part as well.

The truth is that some people do far more to their hair and see zero change to their hairline, despite years of over-the-top treatments. Jojo may or may not do these things, but genetics is the primary driver of a receding hairline – especially the asymmetrical nature of the frontal region.


Is Jojo Siwa using hair treatments and routines that have accelerated receding hairline over the years? This is more than likely, given what we know from news tidbits and social media.

Some news sources share that Jojo Siwa has been bleaching her hair since she was six years old, which undoubtedly impacts the quality and health of a person’s hair.

While Jojo might have naturally blonde hair, the industry likely guided her parents to try the bleach blonde look and create a signature appearance from a young age.

Pair that with other treatments like curling irons, flattening irons, and other hot tools. These actions can damage hair and cause a hairline to recede more quickly than it otherwise would.

Traction Alopecia 

Here’s the one we’ve all been waiting for: does traction alopecia play a role in Jojo Siwa’s receding hairline?

We can’t know the whole truth of the matter, but it seems evident that Jojo’s signature tight side-ponytail hairstyle does factor into her receding hairline trend.

We all know the look – Jojo has been wearing her hair high and tight with a large bow as her signature look. We don’t see so clearly the multiple hair ties that allow for no slack in her hair, which pulls heavily on the front of her hairline and can cause some severe strain.

Wearing this hairstyle a few times a year may not be a big deal, but when Jojo wears it every day without fail, that’s a recipe for traction alopecia, a common cause of receding hairline in young women.

Again, genetics may be the leading cause of Jojo’s receding hair, but traction alopecia can undoubtedly move things forward (or backward) more quickly if changes don’t occur.

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How Can Jojo Address Her Receding Hairline?

Jojo Siwa doesn’t seem too concerned about her hairline, and neither do fans, for the most part. However, it’s safe to assume that Jojo wants to care for her hairline long-term and even reverse some of the damage done.

Here are some steps that Jojo may want to take to improve the quality of her hairline moving forward.

Change in Hairstyles

As Jojo Siwa has grown older, her changes in hairstyles can make all the difference in hair fall. We recently saw Jojo with loose hairstyles, including center parts, side-sweeps, comb-overs, and messy braids. The signature ponytail still appears now and then, but less often.

The human body is quite resilient, and hairlines can certainly rejuvenate on their own if these types of changes are made early enough.

Medicine and Treatment 

Jojo may want to look into natural treatments, like low-level laser light and microchanneling, to help her hairline replenish. Topical Minoxidil can be highly effective for young people – especially women – around Jojo’s age if begun early.

So who knows? Jojo may already be using some of these techniques.

Hairline Lowering Procedures 

Female hairline lowering procedures are increasingly popular and effective, so it won’t be surprising if we see a dramatic change in Jojo’s hairline in years to come.

A hairline can be lowered via hair grafting (with natural hair from a donor area), forehead reduction (removing skin from the forehead and pulling it down), or both.

Regain the Hairline You Deserve 

Jojo is an icon for young people, and she does a great job of being confident no matter how her hairline looks.

Even though her hairline has diminished, there are ways Jojo can stage a comeback for her hair and stay in the spotlight for years. With the guidance of a hair restoration expert, anything is possible.

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