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Elon Musk’s Hair Transplant

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As one of the richest men on the planet, you’d think that Elon Musk has bigger fish to fry than fixing his hair. After all, he’s planning interplanetary travel and revolutionizing the energy industry – that doesn’t leave much time to look in the mirror and fiddle with a comb.

Of course, the truth is that all human beings have a keen sense of self-image and want to look presentable on a daily basis, especially if they’re constantly in the public eye like Mr. Musk.

In this article, we’re analyzing the hair transformation Musk has had over more than 25 years and what types of treatments and procedures he might have used to maintain a thick and healthy head of hair at the peak of his fame in 2021.

We’ll also discuss some key takeaways that you can use to inform your next decision on your own hair restoration journey so that you can make the most of your time and resources while avoiding common mistakes. Let’s get started.

The Photo Evidence

If you’re a fan or follower of Musk over the years, you’re likely familiar with a photograph from his days working at PayPal, a company that has since skyrocketed well into the billions and is considered one of Musk’s first big hits.

Since its first publication, the photograph has been showcased in many articles and clearly shows that Musk’s hairline was receding rapidly.

Signs of Male Pattern Balding

The young Mr. Musk – in his late 20’s at the time – showed all the standard symptoms of genetically induced male-pattern balding (known as androgenetic alopecia) in the PayPal founder photo.

The first area we notice is the hairline, which has receded two to three inches back towards the vertex of the head. Furthermore, the remaining hairs that constitute the hairline appear to be thinning, brittle, and far shorter than the hair around the perimeter of the crown.

Contrary to Musk’s business partner shown in the photo, this was not your typical “mature hairline,” which is common among men after they’ve completed puberty.

Musk showed signs of further recession and thinning beyond the normal limits of a mature hairline in this photo.

While we don’t exactly have access to a 360-degree photo of Musk, we can safely assume that his hair was also beginning to thin around the vertex, taking on a predictable pattern seen in stage three or four of the Norwood scale.

Age and Timing

At the time this photo was taken, Musk was likely around 28 years of age, signaling that male-pattern balding was very likely the culprit of his struggling hairline.

Men can start to experience balding due to genetic conditions as early as 20 years old. Environmental factors and lifestyle choices can also accelerate the rate and severity of hair loss with each passing year.

By the time a man reaches 30, there’s nearly a 50% chance he sees at least minimal thinning on the scalp or minor recession of the hairline.

Considering that Musk was under severe pressure from investors and startup associates during the  company’s unveiling, the stress might have started to show on his head.

Candidacy for Hair Transplant

By all estimations, Mr. Musk appears to be a healthy, high-energy man with no medical conditions that would preclude him from undergoing a hair transplant.

As mentioned, the hair surrounding Musk’s crown shows little sign of thinning, suggesting that the hair at the back of his head would be ideal for harvesting and transplanting to his scalp.

Musk would also be on the verge of a major payout when the photo was taken and prepared to step out of the media spotlight for the next several years. The opportunity was perfect for him to retreat to private life and undergo hair transplant surgery before returning in the mid-2000s.

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How Did Elon Musk Actually Restore His Hair?

It’s hard to argue against the evidence right in front of us – Elon definitely did something to restore his hair since this fateful late-90s photograph. The question is, what exactly did he do to achieve this transformation in such a short timeframe?

Here are some ideas about what he might have done to rejuvenate his hair and prepare his appearance for international fame.

Medications and Lifestyle

It wasn’t until the 1990s that the FDA approved the two major medical treatments for hair loss ever to exist: Minoxidil and Finasteride.

These two products have been shown to be highly effective in slowing the rate of hair loss and potentially reversing the trends of thinning or shedding, particularly in men around the age of 30.

This puts Musk right in the target market for these products, and as the pioneer he is, there was likely little hesitation for him to try!

In tandem with the latest and greatest meds, Elon probably also made some lifestyle changes following the launch of his massive company and pocketing millions in the process.

We know that he went off the grid for a while in the early 2000s and stayed out of the public eye as he worked on personal projects and relationships.

Perhaps the stress of starting a company led him to take some time off, look after his health, and restore his hormone levels to the point that stronger hair growth could occur more readily. After all, a little rest and relaxation is never a bad thing for your hairline.

Hair Transplantation – Type of Procedure

Aside from medication and maybe a Caribbean vacation, Elon Musk definitely had a bit of help from a hair surgeon to make such a magnificent transformation.

Of course, it hasn’t been confirmed, but all signs point to Musk having undergone a significant hair transplant – several thousand grafts at least – to achieve the full and dense head of hair he now wears proudly in public.

The aesthetic placement of the hair, plus its full and even coverage, shows that Musk likely received a Follicular Unit Transplant of at least 3,000 grafts and possibly more.

At the time he likely had his surgery in the early 2000s, FUT was still the singular, most reliable form of hair transplant, particularly for high volumes of grafts, as we see in Musk’s case.

The strip surgery approach to hair transplantation continues to be effective to this day. However, it’s possible that Musk has had supplementary procedures over the past 20 years in the form of Follicular Unit Excision.

This would make sense for a figure like Musk, who has virtually limitless resources and the ability to schedule short micro-sessions for refreshing and “touching up” his hairline with precise grafts every few years.

Hidden Secrets of Hair Restoration?

What else does the magical Mr. Musk have up his sleeve to maintain his youthful appearance and full head of hair?

Perhaps he has experimented with red light laser therapy to boost healthy enzymes and blood flow to the scalp, or maybe he was one of the first people to try stem cell therapy for hair growth and loss prevention.

These are viable questions and an interesting topic to explore further. Given his track record, there’s nothing that Elon won’t try at least once!

What We Learned from Elon Musk’s Hair Journey

If you’re thinking about hair restoration treatment of any kind, there are a few lessons we can learn from observing Elon’s hair transformation over the years.

Don’t Wait

Musk was in his late 20s when he first noticed his hair loss, but everyone else probably noticed it first. There’s little time to waste when dealing with hair loss, so don’t delay.

Have a Plan

Elon may be a maverick solo entrepreneur, but he always credits his team for their expertise and hard work. Be sure to team up with a hair restoration specialist and stick to the program, whether that includes lifestyle changes, meds, treatments, or any other instructions.

Beat Hair Loss Like a Billionaire

Maybe you aren’t positioned to be the next space-exploring supercar mogul of Silicon Valley, but you still deserve to take pride in your hair each day.

Not only has our technology advanced significantly since the time that Musk likely underwent his first hair transplant, but these procedures are also more discreet, affordable, and reasonably fit within your schedule with work and life obligations.

There’s no need to spend outrageous sums or take weeks off to have an effective transplant. It can all be done quickly with minimal hassle and risk.

Schedule a consultation with the best in the business – Dr. Jae Pak – and set yourself up for successful hair restoration today.


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