3 Tips & Tricks on How To Fix a Patchy Beard 2022

3 Tips & Tricks on How To Fix a Patchy Beard 2022

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There’s no denying the smooth feeling of a closely shaved face. But these days, popular culture is all about the beard! A full beard represents health, vigor, and masculinity in many cultures around the world – plus, it can be a bold fashion statement depending on your style.

Unfortunately, a patchy beard with inadequate coverage is a problem many men face in the modern world. Beards are largely determined by genetics and testosterone production, but there are also ways to take matters into your own hands.

Whether you’ve got a patchy beard, struggling with a lack of density, or just want to hit the fast forward button on your beard growth, we’ve got three major tips you’ll want to put into practice ASAP.

Get Healthy

Health is wealth and a pillar of a fulfilling, happy life. It’s also essential that you increase your health to maximize beard growth and fix patchiness. 


Get up, get moving, and most importantly, get that heart rate elevated each day. Exercise grants you multiple benefits for beard growth, including hormone balancing, stress relief, and improved circulation throughout the body and face.

Be sure to do a mix of cardio, weight training, and some physical hobbies to keep your exercise routine balanced and keep you from getting bored.

Eat Clean

Complex carbs, healthy fats, and plenty of protein – that’s the balanced diet men need to maximize the body’s natural capabilities and grow the best beard possible.

Nutrient deficiencies can be a disaster for male hormones, as we’ve often seen in cases of advanced male pattern balding. With a clean, complete diet, you’ll give your body the best building blocks for a great beard.

Reduce Stress

Cortisol, the hormone released in flight-or-fight situations, is your beard’s worst enemy, especially if you’re under chronic stress.

With that said, you’ve earned some rest and relaxation! When you keep stress to a minimum, your body can fully express its genetic traits without chemical barriers and blockages. That means your beard can grow long and strong — rather than weak and patchy.

Sleep Well

Sleep is necessary for hundreds of different processes to occur in the human body each night. Healthy immunity, muscle synthesis – even beard and hair growth – can happen when we get that deep, restorative sleep on a consistent basis.

Do whatever it takes (naturally) to get better sleep, see beard growth, and improve general health before your eyes.


Collagen peptides, biotin, vitamin c, hyaluronic acid – these are just a few common “hair growth supplements” you’ll see marketed online and in stores.

Everyone reacts differently to these products, and your mileage may vary. Nevertheless, it’s worth trying these supplements one at a time (so you can track results) and see how that beard progresses over time.

Try Beard Products

Bring on the hardware! These items can help stimulate beard growth directly or serve to camouflage your facial hair in a way that improves your overall appearance. They’re not too expensive, so give them a try.

Beard Brushes

The idea behind a beard brush is continuous, direct stimulation to the beard and the hair-bearing skin underneath. The bristles of a brush can be natural (from an animal) or synthetic – each has its pros and cons.

Beard brushes have been shown to spark faster growth and even improve density in some cases. It’s also simply good hygiene to practice as your beard grows and takes on a life of its own! Just be sure to brush consistently and keep your implement fresh and clean.

Beard Oils

With dozens of beard oils on the market, it’s easy to get confused about a product so simple. Most beard oils contain the same few ingredients – almond oil, jojoba, avocado, and others – meant to keep your beard smooth, clean, and strong.

Not all products are equal, of course. Avoid cheap beard oils that contain artificial ingredients or unwanted scents. Try out a few small bottles of beard oil before sticking with a particular brand for the long run.

Beard Dyes

Some men have light blond or red hair in their beards, making the contrast difficult to detect when in direct sunlight or bright rooms. A bit of beard dye can help make the appearance more even in color and improve that contrast to your advantage.

Just going a couple of shades darker can create a more satisfactory color in the beard and give you a quick boost of confidence with minimal effort. Start with a very light color treatment before trying anything drastic.

Beard Fillers

More men are using specialty products to fill in gaps in their beard. Popular fillers include pens, pencils, powders, and unique fibers that work fast and get the job done.

It does take a bit of artistry and skill to apply these products in a way that looks natural and authentic. A poor application can be obvious to everyone looking – that beard is not 100% organic! Don’t forget – a little goes a long way.

Seek Professional Help

Some beards need a bit of input from professionals to level up. These could be stylists, consultants, general physicians, or hair restoration specialists.

Here are a few potential routes you can take.

Strategic Styling

There have been plenty of famous, trendsetting celebrities with patchy facial hair – you just wouldn’t be able to tell at first glance.

That’s because high-level stylists and image consultants are working alongside these public figures to coordinate a balanced, groomed appearance that plays to the person’s natural strengths while minimizing weak spots.

A perfect example is a thick chin strap look that highlights hair along the jaw and goatee area, drawing attention away from the cheeks, where growth may be sparse.

Other men will find that a scruffy, overgrown look is better for their natural pattern and that a bit of trimming and grooming can make the most of their limited coverage. While that beard is growing, embrace the patches and see what happens.


The only hair-growth medications approved by the FDA are Minoxidil and Finasteride. Neither product has been tested too extensively, but anecdotal evidence shows that they may be helpful in promoting facial hair growth over time.

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to obtain these medications online or over the counter, but we always encourage patients to consult with a hair restoration professional before self-diagnosing or prescribing products for personal use.

Also, be aware that these medications are effective only as long as they’re used. Hair growth will not continue upon discontinuing use, so this is something to factor into your own equation.


For years, people have been using microneedling products – also known as derma rollers or by other brand names – to stimulate the growth of facial hair and see other cosmetic improvements to the skin.

The concept is that tiny needles made from titanium or stainless steel pierce the top layer of skin in a rolling motion, sparking the production of collagen and boosting hair growth in the process.

Microneedling is typically a treatment received at a spa or salon, but household products can also be found for a DIY approach.

You’ll find many microneedling devices specifically marketed for beard growth, but most products will yield results with continued use.

Beard Transplant

Through a process of hair transplantation from a donor area at the back of the scalp, healthy hair can be allocated to patchy areas of the beard on the face, improving density and coverage with a  single procedure.

In fact, beard transplants are more popular than ever, with thousands of patients reporting high levels of satisfaction and permanent results.

A beard transplant may be more costly than the other options on our list, but it is by far the most effective and long-lasting.

Be sure to find a surgeon with a proven track record for performing beard transplants, ideally a hair restoration specialist with many years of experience in the field.

Top hair transplant doctors typically deliver the best beard transplant results – avoid generalists and cosmetic surgeons without familiarity with the hair restoration process.

Only the Best for Your Beard

We hope you apply some of these tips and tricks to the benefit of your beard! 

Of course, none of these individual tips will solve your beard problems overnight. The best results come from a multi-faceted strategy applied over a long period of time. Try each point on the list, mix, and match, and learn from your own.

For extra guidance or consultation for beard transplants, link up with a knowledgeable hair restoration specialist to map out a game plan.


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