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How Much Does a Beard Transplant Cost On Average?

The beard transplant trend isn’t just a flash in the pan. This is among the fastest-growing cosmetic procedures on the planet, with widespread support from clinics, celebrities, surgeons, and the public.

Don’t mistake beard transplants for a quick or temporary fix — this is a technical and precise procedure that uses real hair from the client’s donor area to replenish facial hair in an authentic, natural way.

The power of a great beard transplant is transformative for sure, but how does a procedure like this work out in terms of cost? The price of a certain surgery can be the deciding factor in whether you seek it out for yourself.

Let’s examine all the factors determining the cost of a beard transplant and offer some advice to get the best treatment for your money and long-term satisfaction — because here at Jae Pak, MD Medical, we value the patient experience. 

What Is the Scope of Surgery?

The key cost factor in a beard transplant is the scope of the surgery itself since there are so many variables at play. Because these procedures are so highly personalized, it’s rare to see two beard transplants cost the same amount!

Here is why the scope of a beard transplant is a key consideration when planning out your procedure from a budget standpoint.

How Many Grafts?

In a beard transplant consultation, one of the first things you’ll determine with your surgeon is how many grafts are required for your facial hair goals.

Top surgeons leave no ambiguity when it comes to plotting exactly where each graft needs to be implanted onto the patient’s face, and this requires precise knowledge of volume, spacing, and more. 

As you explore your options with the surgeon during a consult, you’ll quickly see how widely these procedures can vary in terms of scope and how cost scales accordingly.

A very small FUE beard transplant may require only two or three hundred grafts to fill in some sparse areas or connect missing gaps in the goatee area. Higher volume transplants can range toward the 1400 graft mark or more, doubling or tripling the overall price.

On the far end of the spectrum, some patients are looking for full beards via transplantation, including several thousand grafts over multiple sessions. 

Keep in mind that the look and feel of your available donor hair could also impact the scope of the surgery before you even walk through the clinic’s door, and the best surgeons should be transparent with their views to guide you in the right direction. 

Dr. Jae Pak, M.D. values realistic expectations and has 15 years of experience and client satisfaction. 

Unseen Costs and Recovery

The number of grafts required for a beard transplant help determine labor, materials, support staff needs, and preparatory demands for a clinic, all adding to the total cost.

Just by occupying an operating room, patients can expect to add to their bill based on timing and other factors. Beard transplants are typically only a few hours long, but the length of a procedure is also something to consider when calculating.

The takeaway here is that the surgeon’s actual time and labor are just one component of the full procedure. Many other elements must be coordinated, from supplies and gear to other quality-of-life upgrades that could make your experience more comfortable.

Beyond the operation, plan to pay for recovery treatments, hair loss medications, supplements, and more. 

How Does Surgeon Skill and Experience Factor In?

Apart from the scope and duration of the surgery, another main factor that determines the cost is the experience and expertise of the surgeon. 

With a beard transplant, you’re commissioning a surgeon for their technical skills, artistic abilities, and other intangibles that come with hours spent in the operating room.

Here are the attributes that impact how much a surgeon may charge for a beard transplant. 

Track Record

This one is simple enough — how many beard transplants has the surgeon performed, and how were the outcomes in terms of client satisfaction and longevity? 

Examining the track record of a prospective surgeon is always recommended for cosmetic procedures of any type, especially in a fast-growing market like beard transplants. With the internet at our fingertips, it’s easier than ever to find the best in the field, but expect to pay more for those top-tier surgeons with sparkling portfolios. 

Results speak for themselves, of course, so the more client testimonials and before & after galleries, the higher the cost of entry could climb. If you see a clinic offering beard transplants for cheap and they don’t have much of a presence online, it’s a red flag.


In your search for a beard transplant surgeon, you’ll encounter many practitioners who have only just begun working on facial hair or have limited experience with transplantation.

Since beard transplants are the hot new procedure, you’ll need to exercise more caution and possibly spend more on specialized surgeons who have been performing beard transplants for longer. A physician with accolades, inventions, and other contributions to the industry may not only be the most highly qualified, but deliver superior results for your beard.

Once again, specialization is key in cosmetic medicine, especially a procedure that you could wear on your face for years to come.

Dr. Jae Pak, M.D. is one of the most experienced hair transplant specialists and is committed to prioritizing artistry, technology, and patient care so you can enjoy real results that last. 

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What About Location and Timing?

Where do you plan to have your beard transplant done, and how does your schedule match up with your chosen clinic? It turns out that these factors are significant in setting the cost of a procedure, so be sure to think ahead in terms of time and place. 

Traveling for Beard Transplant?

As to be expected in the medical field, you could end up paying more for surgery when you travel to an expensive city with a high cost of living and elite reputation.

Going for a beard transplant in a city like New York or Los Angeles can sometimes be more expensive than a mid-tier location or traveling abroad. 

While you can usually expect a higher level of care and quality from clinics in Beverly Hills or Manhattan, nothing is guaranteed. You should still put in the necessary research and weigh your options to find the best surgeon in whichever city you choose. An experienced surgeon is worth the costs to have the lifelong outcome you desire.

Find a beard transplant clinic you trust and don’t take a risk with traveling abroad to save some money. Don’t forget to factor in extra costs for plane tickets, lodging, and other expenses as well as the lack of assistance once you get home should you have an issue such as an infection or poor results. 

Timing is Key

Can you afford to take time off from work and potentially pause your life to get a beard transplant? Consider the opportunity cost of setting aside time for the procedure itself, as well as the days and weeks it takes to recover.

This may not be a make-or-break component in your cost equation, but everyone has different life situations and priorities to consider. 

Keep in mind that a beard transplant isn’t an immediate turnaround, and you’ll need to make some short-term life adjustments that may impact your financials. 

Beard Transplant Cost: Range and Average

We’ve accounted for the main cost factors for a beard transplant in today’s landscape, so let’s get into some numbers you can expect in your search. 

Low-Tier Treatments

For a small beard transplant fromtransplantfrom a less  or filling in a patchy area from a middle-of-the-road clinic or a less reputable surgeon, you may be able to squeeze by with a cost of $3500. This is the low-end of the range, obviously, so consider it the bare minimum price for a beard transplant of any kind.

More reasonably, you can expect to pay $5000 or more for a larger transplant (around 1000 grafts) with a decent level of satisfaction. This may not be a perfect procedure, but if you’re limited in budget and travel options, you can get decent results and avoid major risks.

As a warning, steer clear of any clinic offering beard transplants for cheap ($2000 or less) since you may be exposed to unwanted risks and hazards. 

The Best Available

A top-notch beard transplant could certainly cost you more than $5,000, even for a procedure of moderate or smaller scope. If you’re looking for a rejuvenated beard with thousands of grafts, you can expect multiple sessions costing up to $20,000 in total.

This is the upper range for beard transplants, and you’re getting unparalleled service in addition to expert treatment. Interestingly, these costs are still relatively low compared to many cosmetic procedures in the modern era.

Average Cost

You can safely expect to pay around $7,000 to $12,000 for a substantive beard transplant from a trusted clinic in the United States. 

As you climb the ladder in terms of clinic reputation and surgeon experience, you’ll be crossing over to the higher range of the $10,000+ mark and stepping into pricier territory. However, a beard transplant is not where you want to cut corners with your money, and it may be wise to save or finance your procedure to attain the highest-quality results.

Even if you need to postpone your beard transplant due to prohibitive costs, we still encourage you to connect with a reputable clinic and explore other treatment options that may suit your budget at the moment.

Our staff at Jae Pak MD Medical, are eager to help patients across the board and create custom plans that may or may not include transplantation.

If you do eventually have the resources to follow through with a transplant, you have that foundation of trust and familiarity to move forward, rather than starting from square one. Even if your budget is just out of range, the best time to start your beard transformation is now. 

Your Ideal Facial Hair Made Possible

Beard transplants may not be cheap, but the results are outstanding when done right. We advise patients to explore their options fully and extend their timeline to receive higher-quality treatment when possible. A beard transplant from a high-end clinic may be worth the wait.

So what are you waiting for? Content Jae Pak MD Medical and schedule your appointment with us today!


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